What is a Paradigm Shift?

PGI Paradigm Shift Live event

Definition of “Paradigm Shift”

The English dictionary states “a radical change in underlying beliefs or theory”.  The word origin of ‘paradigm shift' was coined by T.S. Kuhn (1922–96), US philosopher of science.

I stumbled on this phrase from watching a livestream video by Bob Proctor on Facebook.

In this short video I'm introducing one of the concepts I learnt while watching the video live stream by Bob Proctor.



We all have Magic in Our Minds – an untapped resource of our higher mental faculties – that’s designed to help us achieve ANYTHING we truly want … IF we know how to use them properly. – Advert

Magic in your mind

October Paradigm Shift Livestream

The “Paradigm Shift Live Stream” will be taking place again in October.

Paradigms in and of themselves are neutral. If your paradigms are positive, you will have a happy, growth-oriented life, a healthy self-image, and the ability to adapt successfully to changes, upsets, and unforeseen events.

Conversely, negative paradigms can keep you stuck in old ways of thinking that can be very limiting. They keep you as imprisoned as do a cell and a set of iron bars. Maybe even more so, since they imprison you in the place where all true freedom resides: the mind.

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Paradigm Shift Live Stream Event

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