Using Mobile Responsive WP Themes

Using Mobile Responsive WP Themes

You could  be missing out on traffic!

If you are not yet using  Mobile Responsive WP Themes on your website for your business or blog you could be missing out on traffic from people who browse the web using smart phones and tablets. In the last two to three years the number of people who own mobile devices that have web browsing function has grown massively.

Small business owners and in families there is likely to be a device for each person. Many people who used to sit of an evening being entertained by TV programmes are now likely to be interacting on their smart phone or tablet while the TV is playing in the background.

So what difference does a mobile responsive theme have on your WordPress site?

A non responsive theme will still appear on smart phones and tablets but the user experience will not be very good, for example the page will shrink to the size of the device and the words may be too small to read. The user will need to expand the page in order to read it this means that they can only read a small section of your page or post at one time.

Now change this to a fully responsive theme and the web site pages change depending on the size of the screen where the site is viewed. For example when viewing a responsive site on a small smart phone screen results in Whole areas of the site moving and shrinking the width while keeping the text font in a larger readable size.

I've already tried using Mobile Responsive themes in my main business so just to demonstrate I will post the URLs of two sites here to show you the difference.

Non Responsive website        NON RESPONSIVE

This screen shot taken on the  iphone shows that the text is very small and  will be unreadable unless the page is zoomed in.








Using Mobile Responsive WP Themes



Ipad Screen mobile responsive site

These two images are screen shots on ipad and
iphone showing how the mobile responsive theme moves and shrinks the theme to the screen size.

iphone screen mobile responsive site








Some of the Mobile Responsive Themes that I give the thumbs up to are:-

Balance Theme $79.95, Metro Pro Theme $99.95 and Epic $99.95 all with the prices quoted here are for the theme and the Genesis Framework, Studio Press discounts the prices for members who have already purchased before.

Another theme I've started using is the “Denali Premium Theme” by Usability Dynamics it works with the WordPress plugin, WP-Property. Prices for the theme and extension start from $150 up to $505.

There are a number of extra options with this theme like Facebook tabs and Front End submissions which I've yet to master, however I think it looks good on mobile devices.

If you would like to tell me about mobile responsive WP theme designs that you have discovered or used to good effect then post your comments below.



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