ONE in five workers has not saved for a pension and faces retirement poverty

Ultimate retirement breakthrough

Many baby boomers have given up on ever having a great retirement.

ONE in five workers has not saved for a pension and faces retirement poverty.  In fact, some people started and are now ending their retirement in 2 of the most depressing economies the world has ever seen.

Almost a quarter of all boomers said they had difficulty paying their mortgage or rent in the past 12 months, and a growing number are putting off retirement.

Only 27 percent of baby boomers are confident they will retire comfortably, and over 60 percent don’t have ANYTHING saved at all.

Retirement poverty.

If you are dealing with any of the following challenges, you may need help:

– Need extra spending cash?
– Have debt or bills to pay?
– Living paycheck to paycheck?
– Looking for a way to earn more income?
– Want to spend more time with your family?
– Wish you could go on a real holiday?
– Ready to retire, but don’t have enough savings?

The bad news is nothing’s going to change unless you take action.

Many boomers are probably realising they may have to work all the way to the end.  Have you been wondering exactly how to determine how much income you need in retirement?    There are many ways for a retiree to earn a part-time, active income.  You could do some consulting, start your own business, or do any other purposeful work.

So is it too late for baby boomers to get wealthy?

Absolutely not!

That’s why two baby boomers I know are on a mission to help others just like them and they have been developing a new system called the “Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough.”

Right now, you can see a complimentary new video that can show you how to “build the life you love!”

They’ll be sharing more financial tips and strategies over the next couple weeks on how you can dramatically increase your income, and really “Retire” in 12-24 months, starting from scratch.

There is no experience required! Anyone can do this.

So I highly encourage you to click the link below, right now!

Talk soon,


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