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Motivational Videos to Learn From.

I often tune in to YouTube to watch or listen to motivational videos.  Fascinated by the law of attraction, ever since I purchased my first set of motivation tapes when I was involved in “Network Marketing” or sometimes referred to as MLM. I listened to Randy Gage speaking on audio tapes about the “Universal Laws of Prosperity” and so I guess I picked up a lot about the “Law of Attraction” a long time before the movie “The Secret” in 2006.

So today I want to share a video put together by Evan Carmichael, Author of “One Word”.  He has a whole video channel devoted to “Mind Set” and the a playlist “Top 10 Rules For Success”. On his YouTube channel you can find more videos of famous TV personalities, authors, sports professionals, entrepreneurs, and speakers in many professions.  People who have been interviewed and have spoken about the rules of success.

The video I'm sharing today is the Top 10 Rules For Success featuring Bob Proctor.  Bob Proctor is an Author and Motivational speaker who has helped to transform inspire and motivate probably millions of people around the world.

Life and Career

Bob Proctor dropped out of high school. He left the ninth grade and attained a series of low-paying jobs only making a few thousand dollars a year. However, he reached a turning point in his life when he was 26 years old and read Napolean Hill‘s Think and Grow Rich. He said the book motivated him to change his mindset. Wikipedia

Watch the video and listen carefully as Bob Proctor unveils his top 10 rules for success as complied by Evan Carmichael.


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