Mindset Routines Key to Success

Mindset your key to success

Key To Success!

One of the simplest things I can recommend is to start working on your Mindset Routine.  What does that mean?
It means different things for different people but mostly it's about having your heart and mind, set on a goal, passion or desire. To keep you inspired and motivated when things get tough and your work is hard and you feel like quitting.

Feeling Useless when things dont work out

Yesterday was a very long and frustrating day. A day when things did not go to plan and the work I wanted to get done took way longer than I thought it would.
I struggled with software platforms and WordPress plugins and I  was pulling my hair out trying to get it all done.  I felt like I was a complete clown for thinking I could do this and earn money, four weeks of work and having to start over on my whole funnel system.

Entrepreneur Mindset

As an entrepreneur I've always been creating things, learning experimenting and implementing new ways to do things. It's in my nature.

In my 20's I creating knitted garments for my children and myself using a knitting machine at home. As I got better at making these knitted garments I was being asked to create garments for others. So a home based hobby sprouted into a home based business, as I started charging for my time, materials and the finished product.

It sounds easy, but a lot of time and effort went into the learning, practice and creating, before I got to be good enough for people to want to buy my knitted garments.

It's the same with any new business, creating something from your ideas or your passions and getting to the point of being good enough to sell your product or service.

Here are some mindset routines that I have read about :-

  • Writing out affirmations for your goals and dreams
  • Speaking affirmations every day
  • Creating a dream board
    Or a screen background for your laptop that you see every day
  • Writing out your desires around Health, Wealth, Family, Relationships and reading these every day.

For me it's listening to an inspirational podcast or a YouTube video first thing in the morning.

Today I found a YouTube video by a young guy named Dan Henry.
Listen to what Dan says in his video, he changed his life in two years.



Like Dan says in this video, “In the beginning you will suck”.

All experts were once beginners. The KEY to success.
Keep Educating Yourself.
And don't give up.

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