How to develop a prosperity mindset

How to develop a prosperity mindset

Are you a struggling entrepreneur?

I know exactly where you are at this moment. I've been there too. You need to know how  to develop a prosperity mindset.

I was in MLM Multi Level Marketing, or Network Marketing business opportunity many years ago and put a lot of time energy & money into trying to make it work. In the end I gave up and went on to build my own business. But the education involved in starting and being involved in this business was priceless.

How to develop a prosperity mindset

I attended live events and travelled to places I would never have experienced otherwise. I listened to top speakers in the industry and this is where I first got introduced to entrepreneurs, authors and motivational speakers  like Jim Rohn.  I want to share something with you and everyone here.
If you can trust in yourself then things will change for you. Don't listen to the people who will try to tell you what to do.


Another entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker I found online at that time was Randy Gage,  I ordered his audio tape set during one of my lowest times, in business and in life.  I always think about these when I begin to struggle or lose faith in myself.

Here is a list of Prosperity Laws, By Randy Gage.
1) The Imaging Law of Prosperity
2) The Vacuum Law of Prosperity
3) The Law of Tithing
4) The Circulation Law of Prosperity
5) The Creativity Law of Prosperity
6) The Law of Giving and Receiving
7) The Law of Forgiveness

What I learned from these motivational lessons was immense and I remembered recently that he had referred to Catherine Ponder the author of a book he had bought and read.

Well, I recently discovered that the original author Catherine Ponder has all of these audio speeches on YouTube.

You can also find more videos on my You Tube Channel here:-   LINK TO YOU TUBE PLAYLIST

I'm not suggesting you buy anything, just go and search for each law and take inspiration from the free information that is out there, and put it to use in your life.

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