Are you a Baby Boomer?

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Baby Boomer No Nest Egg!

Pension Rules have changed. For many baby boomers that means working until 65 years or even 67 years for those of us who were born in the 1960's. Without a substantial retirement nest egg what will that mean for you?  It's Frightening

Let me tell you my story

As a baby boomer, I'm a woman in my mid 50's – working self employed for the past 11 years.

I had created an online presence for my own Property Management business from 2005, and used the website and other online systems to be able to travel and enjoy life. The business I'd created for myself started heading for trouble in 2011 when the demand from students needing rooms dropped off dramatically. During 2011 I had to inform my clients to move their properties into the residential ‘renting to families' market. This meant lower rents and lower profits in my business.

All of these changes and the introduction of more legislation and restrictions on carrying out business were taking a toll on me, I was not happy with the way things were going and in 2016 decided enough was enough, and sold the business.

Life changing results – always the entrepreneur

Not knowing what I wanted to do next and with retirement on the horizon, I was looking for something to provide for my future.

I looked at property investment as a retirement option and did manage to keep one property in the Uk which I have rented to a family. This is one source of income as the mortgage gets paid down.

During 2016 & 2017 I've been Investing in my self, I've spent a lot of time learning new skills and new ways to promote and deliver content. This was how I saw my way forward. However, I had big problems in my internet marketing business.

Spent $100’s on traffic solos, with no ROI. Purchased training and courses, various tools and still no results.

Got over 2,000 leads with only a handful of sales. I'd tried solo traffic generation, affiliate marketing, Clickbank with very little results.

Spent long hours, learning and creating landing pages, WordPress sites, blog posts, auto email follow up sequences, social media content for FaceBook & Instagram, burning midnight oil with no breakthrough.

I was flushing money down the drain.


Because in the beginning I was rubbish. Rubbish at targeting the right customers. Rubbish at writing great headlines to convert people to sign up. Rubbish at email follow up and delivering quality content to convert leads to sales. Rubbish at follow up with buyers.

Why! do I continue…

Because I can get better at doing all of the things above. I can find new and better ways to get things done.

Why! I have not given up….

Multiple Sources of Income

Because I have a dream and a goal and a passion to learn and be able to earn multiple streams of income from having online businesses. A long term ambition to earn an income from digital assets and online tools.

To put it another way to earn a residual recurring income from recommending products and services that can help people with paid or unpaid marketing, social media content creation, customer acquisition processes and automated follow up.

Because I want my partner to be able to retire and be with me in Spain.

Because I want to pay down my mortgage on my rental property, and my credit card debts.

Are you looking for a solution to the pension problem?


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