Are you a Baby Boomer? 30 Second Quiz

Are you a baby boomer? 30 second quiz

As we are all told to work longer when will you be able to retire?

Are you a Baby Boomer?

Pension Rules have changed. For many us that means working until 65 years or even 67 years for those of us who were born after March 1961. Without a substantial retirement nest egg what will that mean for you?  It's Frightening

Let me tell you my story

As a baby boomer, I'm a woman in my mid 50's – working self employed for the past 11 years.

I had created an online presence for my own Property Management business from 2005, and used the website and other online systems to be able to travel and enjoy life. The business I had created for myself started heading for trouble in 2011 when the demand from students needing rooms dropped off dramatically.

At the same time there where still new investors entering the market which meant more competition. I had to act quickly to avoid losing everything I had worked for. I reached out to my clients and advised them to switch their properties into another letting market. Larger houses for larger families who were mostly unemployed and dependant on local housing allowance, this meant lower rentals and lower profits in my business but I quickly found some new clients with larger houses and moved into the professional rental market as well

All of these changes and the introduction of more legislation and restrictions on carrying out business were taking a toll on me, I was not happy with the way things were going and in 2016 decided enough was enough, and sold the business.

Creating life changing results – always the entrepreneur

Not knowing what I wanted to do next and with retirement on the horizon, I was looking for something to provide for my future.

I looked at property investment as a retirement option but have seen many of my clients fall foul of the property crash. I started another online venture selling physical products online, but soon got frustrated with the constant search for profitable items.

Then I discovered Chris and Susan Beesley from an interview about their online business and saw the potential.  I knew that I could create my own online business too. So now I'm starting over again and have just completed my online education program which was a “21 Steps Business System” in doing so I discovered the missing pieces of the jigsaw and everything fell into place. It feels like I've finally opened the padlock to the gates of financial success.

You can discover more about how Chris and Susan changed their future,  visit the  30 second quiz below.

Are you a baby boomer looking for a solution?

This is a professional business that has the three key elements that are absolutely crucial to your success:

  • You have to work with people who have done what you want to do and are willing to help and guide you.
  • You have to have a proven system that’s simple to follow and will work for you even if you’ve never done anything like this before.
  • You need a personal coach who will take you by the hand and show you exactly what to do step by step.

And if you’re not sure where to begin then let me help you.

Are you a baby boomer? Start here by taking this 30 Second Quiz >>>

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