Owning a business that you love

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Do you dream of owning a business that you love? Are you willing to help make people’s lives better? Do you want more control of your own time? Are you struggling to make money, and grow into your potential? Wanting to start a business is a common desire, most people don’t act on it for at…

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Desire is the starting point for all achievement

Rare Lectures of Napoleon Hill

Desire is the starting point. Do you remember as a child thinking about all the things you would like to do in your life without a thought to how they would happen but just knew they would somehow? Name One Thing You Desire… .. that more money would give you.  Only ONE thing And when you come up with that…

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Motivational Videos: Rules For Success Bob Proctor

Motivational Videos to Learn From. I often tune in to YouTube to watch or listen to motivational videos.  Fascinated by the law of attraction, ever since I purchased my first set of motivation tapes when I was involved in “Network Marketing” or sometimes referred to as MLM. I listened to Randy Gage speaking on audio…

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Free Live Event: London Internet Marketing Workshop


Game Plan to Grow an Online Business. We are doing an event in London. London Internet Marketing Workshop: a FREE 2-hour event that will give you a game plan of how to build and grow an online business. The event will shows you how to create a sustainable and profitable online business in your spare time. Question:…

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Mindset Routines Key to Success

Mindset your key to success

Key To Success! One of the simplest things I can recommend is to start working on your Mindset Routine.  What does that mean? It means different things for different people but mostly it’s about having your heart and mind, set on a goal, passion or desire. To keep you inspired and motivated when things get…

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Try this success formula, Thirteen Steps To Riches by Napoleon Hill

 Napoleon Hill’s ‘A philosophy of success formula’ Napoleon Hill was born in 1883, he was born into poverty, when he was a young boy of just 10 years he lost his mother. His father remarried and Napoleon counts his step mother as one of his sources of inspiration. By the time he was 13 years…

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How to get the vehicle of your dreams

Aston Martin DB11 vehicle of your dreams

Which car would be the vehicle of your dreams Perhaps you’ve attended some of the huge Networking or Internet Marketing live international events.  At these events people from around the world meet up to listen and learn from great leaders in the business. They attend to be inspired be some of the worlds greatest motivational…

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ONE in five workers has not saved for a pension and faces retirement poverty

Ultimate retirement breakthrough

Many baby boomers have given up on ever having a great retirement. ONE in five workers has not saved for a pension and faces retirement poverty.  In fact, some people started and are now ending their retirement in 2 of the most depressing economies the world has ever seen. Almost a quarter of all boomers…

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Successful entrepreneurs never give up

Never give up

When failure is not an option. Super successful entrepreneurs who have founded big name brands and companies have one thing in common. They never gave up on their dreams and plans to be in business as creators, inventors and business owners. People like Elon Musk who had three failures in a row, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill…

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7 Spiritual Laws of Prosperity for Personal Development

Personal development invest in yourself

Personal Development Before I started my own property management business I was involved in direct selling or network marketing as it is known. The company was a well-known brand within the health and weight loss niche. I remember travelling to huge company conferences and training events. The education you receive in these companies can be…

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